One Tone Interiors - What They are and How to Achieve them.

Interior by Claes Juhlin

Interior by Claes Juhlin


A one tone interior is an interior that uses one tone or colour on their walls, floors and furniture. 
There is something very calming and powerful about a one tone interior, this however varies, depending on the tone. Softer tones tend to have a calming, serene effect and as you can imagine vivid tones or dark tones create a dramatic feel. 

We have round up a few of the best interior projects featuring a one tone look.
We hope to keep seeing more one tone interiors, because we are obsessed with them! Who knows maybe House of Sui Sui will be next..

Emmanuelle Simon

Spa La Maison Evidens de Beauté
31, rue Boissière, 75016 Paris  

This project by Parisian Emmanuelle Simon carries an off white tone in it's polished plastered walls, ceiling and floors. The same tone's are seen through out the architectural details such as the stairs and interior furnishing like the tiled shelf and accessories.


Chan and Eayrs

New Cross Lofts

This powdery pink piece of heaven by the couple duo Chan and Eayrs carries the pink tone through different materiality. This allows a beautiful one tone feel but has a variety of textures creating more of an eclectic look. The soft pink tone is carried through out in the concrete, smooth plaster walls and the tongue and groove wall panelling. The tone is also reflected in their ashy wooden flooring, doors and door frames.


Studio Oliver Gustav

Kastelsvej 18
2100 Copenhagen – Denmark

Copenhagen based creative consultant Oliver Gustav has used a pale greyish green in his showroom which is reflected in walls, floors and woodwork finishes but also in the tone of the linen sofa and metal coffee table.

Melissa Bolivar House of Sui Sui Interior Designer London Inspiration

Rachel Chudley 

Historic Bloomsbury House
Grade 2* listed property in Central London. 

We love this vivid and dramatic room by London based interior designer Rachel Chudley. The matching midnight blue walls and sofa create so much visual impact. One word - WOW.


Vincent Vanduysen

Serene tones from architect and designer Vincent Vanduysen. A light oat colour carried through the walls, floors, curtains and door frames creating a raw, understated look.

Melissa Bolivar House of Sui Sui Interior Designer London Inspiration

How to get this look

For a pared back one-tone look. Start by choosing a wall colour and carry that through into your main furniture piece such as your sofa or your soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions or throws. The rest of the furniture does not need to match however you can choose pieces which work in harmony with the colour you have chosen.

For a bold look match the tones of flooring to the colours of the walls and if you want to go even bolder, also paint your ceilings in your wall colour. Then carry this through to your main piece of furniture such as your sofa, or to soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions.

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