The Master of Chairs: Hans J. Wegner

Series 1.

Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner


Hans J. Wegner’s designs are jaw dropping, simple and beautifully crafted. His chairs are understated and inconspicuous. But you know what they say about silence, it speaks louder than a thousand words and that is exactly what Wegner’s work does.

Hans J. Wegner was a design shepherd of this time. In the 50s and 60s he wowed the Danish public with his take on modern furniture. He introduced them to what would become a few of the world most iconic pieces of design. He produced over a 1000 chair models earning him the title ‘The Master Of Chairs.’

His designs are known for their use of wood and minimal and organic execution. His success lies in his form meets function approach where he upholds the importance of comfort and ergonomics but also craftsmanship.

In 1949 he designed the Wishbone Chair under the production of Carl Hansen & Son. The Wishbone went on to become Wegner’s most successful design and is now a household classic.

Today his chairs can be found living all over the world and creating a variety of moods. Here are how many talented designers and home owners have used his timeless chairs in their spaces. 

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